TMDB .Net Library

The Movie Database .Net Library is a class library containing functions written in C# that wraps around the web services. These functions can be use with any .NET language VB or C#, just by downloading the library and add it to your project reference.


TMDb .Net Library V1 (.Net 4.5 Framework Version)


There is no obligation to donate, but your donation of any amount will be appreciated and it will help me to continue working on TMDb class library.



You will need to go and register yourself and obtain an api key from web site before using this library.


The Movie Database API Reference

9 thoughts on “TMDB .Net Library

  1. gourav

    i m using your tmdb.dll in one of my project. earlier it was fine but know it gives error. I get error while fetching movie information using method it says “Root Element is Missing”. Can you show me the way to get of this.

    Thanks in Advance,

    1. David Loo Post author


      Can you tell me which movie you are searching so that I can debug it for you see what the problem is.


  2. David Loo Post author

    class library has been rewritten to accommodate the new changes in the API from

  3. John Brimelow

    Hi David, since it’s been a couple of years since the post saying you’re next version would include tv shows…does your current version get series? thanks

  4. David Loo Post author

    Hi Guys,

    Uploaded the latest build of TMDb class library. It now support TV shows. Check out the chm help file for details.


  5. Marcello

    I try your dll to create a little database for my home video.

    It is possible to download the movie information in other language (other than english)?




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