Hi my name is David and I live in Perth, Western Australia and I am full time consultant specialising in C#, .NET and SharePoint.

How did I get into programming? Well I started programming when my parents bought me my first Commodore 128D computer back in 1987. It was the best 8 bit computer back then and I learned my first programming language using BASIC and then when I first bought my Commodore Format magazine I learned how to create cheats for my Commodore games by peeking and poking in the memory, and writing machine codes.

When I bought my first IBM Compatible PC  I started learning Pascal, I remember there was a couple of occasions a best friend and I spent time writing a text based adventure game using Turbo Pascal.  With my PC I was able to explore other programming languages, while I was still in high school I remember reading in a games magazine there was an article about a game developer and they mentioned that they used C to write all their games. During that time I wanted to become a games developer (every teenager’s dream) so I read a lot of articles and books on how to manipulate graphics and write simple games. I even bought my first Microsoft Quick C which came in floppy disks (yes those old storage medias) at the retail shops.

My first RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment was using Microsoft’s Visual Basic 3.0 for Windows, it came on 4 floppy disks and every software that came on floppy disks took a long time to install! I was so fascinated how simple it was to create a Windows form by dragging buttons, text boxes and labels. When I finished College my first job back in 1995 was programming in Visual Basic 3.0 and MS Access for an aviation company. I worked on other RAD environments at my other past employments like Borland’s C++ Builder and Microsoft’s Visual Studio suite.

Besides programming, I do have a life with my lovely wife Fiona who is not a programmer, she work for a bank in Perth. We both own two dogs the eldest is called Diffy he is a mixed Shitzu and Terrier. And our second dog is a small pomeranian called Dopey and why did we call him that? Well when he was a puppy he looked so dopey.I enjoy watching movies and documentaries, buying things on eBay, working out, and eating seafood!

Currently I have a hobby business called WeiTech Development I provide freelance programming service, if you wish to seek a programmer why not give me a call and see what I can do for you! I can be found on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.