Ubuntu: Photography Applications



So you’re a professional photographer or just started in photography and you’re not using Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X, but you’re cool techy guy like me that only use Ubuntu or other Linux Distributions that their dedicated operating system.

I show you some of the useful application I have found and used and hopefully the information I have shared here will be valuable to you!

Photo/Image Management

I use Shotwell for managing all my images that I upload from my DSLR camera. One of the reason that I am using it is because I store all my images on a remote server and it allows me to access my network shared folders.


One of the feature I like most is the ability to batch upload my images to my Fickr or Facebook account.

When you import your photos, they are organised into folders of the date it was taken or created. You can configure it to allow the use of external image editing software like GIMP, but the Shotwell has some very basic editing features for simple touch ups.

You can check it out here for more details. (more…)

How to Convert JSON to a Class in C#

I have been working on .Net projects where I need to work with JSON to a class in C#. I came across a web site created by Jonathan Keith using the popular JSON.Net library by James Newton-King.

The web site allows me to copy and paste JSON code to a form and by pressing the generate button I was able to get back a class that I can copy and use in my .Net project. This web site is very useful to me since I am also using the JSON.Net library in my current project to Deserialise JSON data in to an object.



Inno Setup: Check Windows Registry for MS .NET Framework Version

I just recently installed Inno Setup on my computer, I use to use it to package my software setup together for distribution. Inno Setup is so well designed, it has a Wizard to prepare your setup and if you want to add something tricky to your setup. You can also write code scripts to do certain things and best of all it’s free!

The language that is used for scripting is Pascal, this was one of the first language you learn when learning how to program.