Windows 8 Developer’s Preview Extending The Expiration Date

Today I tried to run Visual Studio 11 Express and I received a few errors and a message telling me that my version of Windows 8 has expired on 11 March 2012 and I need to purchase the release version. I was thinking to myself there is no release version yet, and there must be some way to extend the expiration date. So I Googled and found out that Microsoft has released an update to extend the expiration date to the 15th January 2013.

If you are having the same experience as me right now, all you need to do is go to Control Panel and into Windows Update and click on Check for Updates. Some how I noticed that the Automatic Update didn’t detect the latest updates.

For further information on this update and instructions click here.

Windows 8 Developer’s Camp 2012 – Perth, Western Australia

Ok Windows 8 Developer’s Camp 2012 is coming soon to Perth Western Australia, it will be held at University of Western Australia. This event is free and it’s a full day event filled with lessons on  developing metro style applications for Windows 8. The event will be held  on the 16th June 2012 from 9:00am to 5:30pm Saturday. 

If any developer’s from Perth, is reading this blog and would like to go and meet up at the event send me a message on twitter @david_loo.

For further details of the event and registration in your local area go to the link below:

Windows 8 Developer’s Camp Registration