AngularJS: Get Started

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is web development framework maintained by Google and a large community of developers. It uses MVC (Model View Controller) capabilities to make both development and testing easier. It takes away all of the UI manipulation away while you can concentrate on working on the business logics.

Your First AngularJS

To demonstrate the basic AngularJS usage by making a simple page which allow the user to enter a name and the page will display a message follow by a message “Hello David”.

To get started we need to download the library from the web site or we can reference the library directly from Google’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) server. I am going to be referencing the CDN for all my demonstrations. (more…)

Python: Install and Your First HelloWorld

I have decided that I will blog about programming in Python and before we can start coding we need to install the interpreter on our operating system. Python is available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X and you can download the installer from here.

If you are an Ubuntu user like myself use the following command in your terminal to install Python:

sudo apt-get install python

After you have installed Python, go and open your favourite text editor and enter the following code and save it as

print "Hello, World"

From a command line or terminal enter the following command to execute the script to see the the output result:


Ok now you have written your first Python code!