Building a Raspberry Pi SqueezeBox Player

I have been looking for a cheap wifi audio streaming solution that I can play¬† independently in different rooms of the house. I looked at Sonos but the price tag was way out of my budget, so what else was there? My friend from work told me about Logitech’s SqueezeBox players and it was hard to make one for myself for less than $100.

What You Need.

  1. Raspberry Pi Model A or B.
  2. SD Memory Card (4gb storage)
  3. Nano Wifi Dongle
  4. 5v Power Supply (spare mobile phone charger with micro usb)
  5. 3.5mm audio jack to hookup to a pair of speakers.
  6. Stereo Speakers (Amplified)

raspberry_pi_squeezebox_player_1 (more…)