Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall


So it’s been 2 weeks since we were contacted by Harvey Norman to recall our Note 7 mobile phone due to the internal battery exploding issue that is going around. So we took it back for a new replacement which will be available on 21st September 2016.

Harvey Norman and other resellers are also offering a courtesy Samsung J1 Mini phone that we get to keep, or get a loan S7 and swap it back for your Note 7 when it arrives. Also we get to keep all the accessories that came with the Note 7 inside the box too! So now I have an extra fast charger to USB-C and headphones.

I’m still considering if I should get a full refund while still waiting for the new replacement. The reason is because I have a feeling that when the phone goes back on sale to the public in October the price might drop.

I recommend that you go to Samsung’s web site for more information on the recall process, or contact the place of purchase.


My New Samsung Galaxy S Android Mobile Phone


My Optus mobile contract has finished, and it was time to upgrade to a new phone. I was tossing between the Apple iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S. But I decided to go with Samsung because it has a bigger screen, very sharp graphics, YouTube loading time is faster compare to my Apple iPhone 3G; no restrictions not like the iPhone where you need to jailbreak to run apps that is not available on the Apple Appstore.

I am still going to keep my Apple iPhone for development, and now it’s time to start learn and develop on the Android platform.