SharePoint: Web Application Creation Fails

If you have noticed after you have created a few web applications in SharePoint Central Administration, your new web application doesn’t complete it’s process normally and at the end you see an error message in a dialog saying it can’t find the following URL address.

But if you think that your site has been created successfully, well don’t keep your hopes up because it didn’t. The reason for this is because the more web application is created the time in which it takes to create a web application increases. ¬†As part of the creation process, IIS is reset and by default, the application pool allows 90 seconds for the connections to close off before shutting down. When the number of web application grows above 90 seconds its not enough time for the provisioning to complete. You should have an idea or know how to use Microsoft SharePoint for collaboration to help your organization be more efficient and collaborative.

Don’t worry, I have done some searching around and found a resolution, by increasing the time longer before it shutdowns:

  1. On the same server that is hosting Central Administration, open IIS Manager.
  2. Expand the Application Pools section.
  3. Find the SharePoint Central Administration  application pool. Right click and choose Advance Settings.
  4. In the Process Model section set the Shutdown Time Limit to a higher value. Eg. 300
  5. Restart IIS.