What is a Directive?

AngularJS Directives is a method of manipulating the DOM and there is two types of directives, a behavior modifiers and reusable components.

Behavior Modifier Directive

This type of directive will add or modify existing behavior of the UI. Some of these types include ng-show which show or hide parts of your html code, and ng-include which allows you to include a html code from another file to be rendered in an existing UI.

Reusable Components

This type of directive can render a new html code with in your page, and it can have business logic attached to it. Your typical reusable directive would be your Tab and Accordion directives.

ng-show example

This is an attribute directive which means you can only use it as attribute in any elements. For example below I am going to you it in my DIVs.

So ng-show you have to provide a condition that will resolve to true to show part of the html:

<div ng-show="condition == true">
	Hello, World!
<div ng-show="condition == false">
	Good Bye!

In my next post I am going to talk about Custom Directive, and demonstrate how you can write you own directive for your own single page application.