s5-productheroChromeCast is now available in Australia for only $49 and current available at JB Hi Fi, Dick Smith and Google store. When it was released I had to buy one on the next day.

Connecting To Your TV

Connecting the device is very simple, you just plug it into one of your available HDMI ports at the back of the TV and if you have a USB port connect the USB to it so that it can power the ChromeCast. But if you don’t have a USB port on your TV you can use the power supply that came with it. I also like how it’s tucked away behind my TV so that it doesn’t use up space.

Setting Up

Setting up your ChromeCast is very easy and straight forward, you can either setup through your web browser (doesn’t work on Linux), ChromeCast app for android and iOS devices.  So the details that you will provide during the set-up is a name for the ChromeCast (eg. Living Room) and your home WiFi connection. After setting it up, it will download the latest software to update it and then it restarts, then you will be presented with a screen will a nice wallpaper and a message saying “Ready To Cast”.

How to use it from your Mobile and PC

You can start downloading apps that are ChromeCast enabled like YouTube from the store. Look for the ChromeCast icon within your app to cast the your media on to your TV. When you select the icon you will be present with a list of TV that has a ChromeCast device, then select the TV you want to watch it on and there you go.


ChromeCast Cast From YouTube To TV Icon Next To Search

For PC there isn’t a lot of application that I have found that supports ChromeCast, but if you are a Google Chrome Browser user you can download the browser add on. This will allow you to cast a browser tab to your TV, and this is good if you are watching video on a web site.

Go to Google ChromeCast home page for more information.