Before I migrated to Ubuntu I was installing games on my Windows operating system using Steam. Before I had upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 I was using 10.04 and I tried to install some games using Wine, but failed. Few months ago Steam was available on the Mac OS X, I was so happy that I was able to download or purchase games for my Mac.

Anyways I tell you how to install Steam on your Ubuntu operating system. First you will need to install Wine. Go to Applications->Ubuntu Software Centre. Enter Wine in the search box and then install Wine Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer and PlayOnLinux.

Wine will allow you to install Windows application on Ubuntu, but not all applications will work so you probably have to go to their web site and check out which applications are working on it.

PlayOnLinux allows you to select a list of all compatible Windows application that will work in Wine. So after have installed PlayOnLinux, press on the Install button and select the Games category and find Steam and press Apply. There you go it’s easy as that! Well Enjoy!