So I have been actively using the Lumia 640 as my main mobile phone for 5 months now, with Windows 10 Insider’s Preview installed. I taken it overseas, to work, basically everywhere!

14052016_00I have been receiving regular updates for Windows 10 Mobile. Unfortunately not all features are currently working 100% and some are still buggy, which I completely understand. For exampleBluetooth on my car’s hands-free sometimes get cut out and back during the conversation and some custom lock screen features don’t work. But those are just some of the common features I use mostly on daily basis.

I totally like the sleek mobile design and the size just fits perfectly on my hand. I really like the Window 10 user interface and look and feel.

One the major disappointment is the lack of apps in the Microsoft Store. I was using an Android mobile phone before and I had heaps of apps that I use and depend on a lot, especially the Belkin’s WEMO app to control my WEMO automated lighting at home.

I wear a Pebble smartwatch and there isn’t any official app that I can use with it, but in the Microsoft Store there are a few good paid apps that can do some of the job to make the Pebble watch work, but these apps has to be running in the foreground all the time. I am also considering buy a Android Wear smart watch and I really want to make full use of the watch.

14052016_01Today I am considering switching back to my old and trusty Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or find a really nice replacement Android mobile.