So last month my mobile contract finished and have been thinking about buying a new mobile phone. I have been looking at getting the Windows Lumia 640 for a while, so I did some research and reading up a lot on reviews.

20160124_020637Just at the beginning of the new year 2016 Dicksmith was clearing out the Lumia 640 prepaid phone for only $99.

Since I have moved over to Optus as my provider, I made the jump and bought myself a new mobile phone.

Straight away I downloaded the Microsoft Insider’s App and upgraded my mobile to Windows 10. The look and feel is consistent with the desktop version, but the only disappointment I had was the lack of apps for windows mobile compared to Android and iOS. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t find any of the apps I used to have on my old Android phone.

I went online and did a bit of research and found out that Microsoft is creating a bridge in their operating system to allow Android and iOS apps to run on Windows 10 Mobile. This allow developer’s to migrate their 20160124_020741apps across to Windows 10 Mobile with less effort. I was really excited to hear this news but then further research on the Internet I also found out that Microsoft may not release the Android bridge. I’m so disappointed!

Besides trying to run Android apps on my Windows 10 Mobile, I decided to hook it up to my Surface Pro 4 tablet and try out some development in Visual Studio 2015. I quickly put together a very simple UWP (Universal Windows Platform) project with a button and a text box control. All I did was when the button is pressed, it will print “hello world” in the text box, Whoa la!

At the moment I carry two mobile phones with me when I’m travelling. my trusty old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Lumia 640, at least I have best of both worlds!